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Homestone Gallery carries exclusive tile names, such as Walker Zanger, Somona Tilemakers, AKDO and Oceanside Glass Tile. Also listed are many of the other fine products that we carry. Please feel free to browse through the websites of these tile lines by clicking on our links below.

Our Exclusive Manufacturers



With exclusive rights to numerous quarries and our own production, we are in a unique position to control the quality of our products down to the last detail.  Through our factory, we offer both comprehensive technical support and a highly trained staff of professional architects who are ready to help you with even the most challenging building requirements.

Additionally, our manufacturing standard go far beyond just aesthetics; careful attention is paid to environmentally responsible production, and Silkar’s factories are considered to be some of the best in the world.  The factories have strict quality control, ensuring each product meets our customer’s expectations.  Finally, all of our offerings are designed with beauty in mind, and are handmade by highly trained artisans.  This is what we like to call “The AKDO” Advantage”.

. Oceanside Glasstile

Oceanside Glasstile was founded in 1992 with a boundless spirit of innovation, a passion for hot glass and a new vision for the tile industry — creating luxury glass tile using recycled bottle glass. As pioneers of handcrafted glass tile we continue to pursue timeless design that preserves, honors and furthers our true artisan heritage.

(Tile Geeks, Design Devotees, Mosaic Aficionados, Architectural Enthusiasts, and Happy Homeowners, we dig your deep desire for authentic and gratifying design. We invite you to explore the website and learn not only about our products, but all the magic that makes Oceanside Glasstile a colorful experience of human values, positive vibrations and cultural vision. It extends far beyond our factory and offices, and we welcome you as part of the beauty, sustainability, and inspiration that mutually connects us.)

. Sonoma Tilemakers

Sonoma Tilermakers is operated by three managing shareholders.  Over the last 11 years this skilled team has built a company and brand that enjoys an exceptional reputation within the industry. The growth in the past decade alone has been remarkable. In 2000, Sonoma Tilemakers manufactured just four product lines and sold to 100 dealers throughout the United States. Today, we manufacture and distribute over 20 product lines with a two tiered distribution network of over 400 dealers across the United States and Canada.  Our primary goal is to use our creative alchemy to combine traditional ceramics with other materials such as glass and stone. The ever-evolving end result is an exceptional collection of unique and complementary products, all within a single cohesive design application. We are continually inspired to embrace new ideas and bring them to market – it is the very heart of our work.

. Walker Zanger

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